We are invested in empowering local churches to become cathedrals of creativity by running COLLECTIVES.

Before you get started with your RENAISSANCE COLLECTIVE, we’d love you to register and share a little more about you so that we know we’re on the same page about the use of the resources we have developed for you, we can provide support as needed and follow up after your COLLECTIVES . The registration form is below.



    This form is for churches to register to run RENAISSANCE COLLECTIVES. We are invested in empowering local churches to become cathedrals of creativity by running COLLECTIVES and we want to work together with you to maintain and steward the vision and values of RENAISSANCE to see a new renaissance flow from the local church into every community.


    By registering to run a RENAISSANCE COLLECTIVE you are agreeing to:

    • follow the principles, guidelines and RENAISSANCE values included in the COLLECTIVE Playbook

    • collaborate with 2-3 other churches in the running of the event (this could be as simple as getting them to bring along their creatives).

    • follow RENAISSANCE Branding Guidelines for all marketing and communications materials (we can help you with these)

    • share the following information with RENAISSANCE following each event:

      • the number of attendees and tickets sold for each event

      • any faith commitments

    • share the following information each year:

      • size of the church

      • stories of the impact RENAISSANCE is having.

    Your COLLECTIVE will be visible to potential guests who search for a RENAISSANCE EVENT at This is a great way to expand the reach of your COLLECTIVE.


    The Renaissance team have developed resources to help you get started with your Renaissance Collective.

    These include:

    • The Collective Playbook
    • A Training video
    • Brand guidelines

    A template budget can be made available on request to give you a sense of the types of costs that may be involved.


    To prepare you to launch your COLLECTIVE, use the Brand Guidelines linked above to design your communications. The Guidelines will guide you in the use of the fonts, images and colours for all communications in association with the RENAISSANCE brand. We are here to help you with this. We can jump on a call if you need assistance. As you get started, we ask you to run materials by us initially as this will help us to identify areas where the brand is more tricky than others to execute and we can improve our processes around training and provision of guidelines, please email us here.

    We are here to support you so do get in touch along the way as you have questions.