RENAISSANCE is a school of creativity with a vision to help young leaders encounter their creator, equip creatives and empower the local church to become a cathedral of creativity.

The big idea is to see a new renaissance that flows from the local church to every community. We’re dreaming of seeing 1 million young creative leaders trained by 2040 through local churches to transform culture and create human flourishing for the next generation.

How we’re doing this.

RENAISSANCE, through CONFERENCES, COLLECTIVES and COURSES is invested in seeing the local church globally become the most creative place on earth and a generation outwork their creativity in the image of God.

  • Conferences: two days of inspiration, worship, ideas, creativity, imagination, encounter and fun.
  • Collectives: creative groups formed out of conference that meet regularly, incubating creativity.
  • Courses: training that fosters entrepreneurship, ideation and collaboration and equips creatives to change the world one (or 10!) ideas at a time.

How you can get involved.

We’ve had people asking how they can be involved with RENAISSANCE and help bring this vision to fruition. Here’s how you can get involved:

  1. Partner with us financially

We are entirely dependent on your support to realise the vision of RENAISSANCE. We’d love you to consider supporting RENAISSANCE financially in whatever capacity you can.

You can join our PATRON programme and become a RENAISSANCE PATRON. As a PATRON you can get unlimited access to RENAISSANCE COLLECTIVES, CONFERENCES & exclusive CONTENT, EVENTS and LOADS MORE.

You can also give a one-off donation which will make an enormous difference in our ability to help young creative leaders encounter their creator, equip creatives and empower every local church to become a cathedral of creativity.

To sign up or give a one-off donation go to


  1. Host an event

COLLECTIVES are underway. Host a local gathering in your city and join churches around the world in providing space for creatives + entrepreneurs to connect, encourage one another, let their imaginations run wild and see how God works through their creativity. Sign up to be a COLLECTIVE Hub at


  1. Pray

Hundreds of people have committed to pray for RENAISSANCE as we seed a global movement of creativity through the church. Keep up to date with the movement join us in praying for a new Renaissance at